Why I Wrote Wonder Mommy

In my opinion, mothers have the most challenging job in the world, and I believe that ALL moms are wonder mommies, but I’ve never considered myself as a wonder mommy before; in fact, far from it! Moms wear different hats; one minute, they’re doctors patching their little ones’ boo-boos, then turns into a judge the next trying to settle their children’s misunderstandings; it sounds like a magic trick, right? No, they are merely moms! They are cooks, nurses, teachers, drivers, coaches, and so much more! In other words, all moms are wonder mommies, including me!

Mommies who struggle with chronic illness face different challenges, however, they wear different hats, but they have to be creative in accomplishing the given responsibilities each hat requires. Every day is unpredictable for mommies with chronic illness. Though they try to push through the pain, sometimes they miss planned playdates and other fun activities with their children. For some, they couldn’t even plan activities for the next day, let alone the following week. Even moms of teenagers and young adults go through the same challenges; I can attest to both experiences.

It isn’t easy to be simultaneously a mom and a chronic illness warrior; other mental and emotional factors play a significant role in our lives. I, for once, was stricken by guilt each time I’d missed fun activities because I had to rest and feel better. I felt as if I wasn’t enough and that I was a burden to my family. I thought that I’d failed my children; my husband and I felt as if I’d disappointed them. Insecurities crept in.

Migraines and dystonia have no place in my life, but it is what I was dealt with; I have to accept them and move forward. As challenging as it was for me, I’ve decided to make the most of my situation and decided to influence and uplift other mommies out there positively; I know I wasn’t alone in my struggles; this is why I wrote “Wonder Mommy.” I hope that this book would encourage and remind mommies how amazing they are. My goal is for moms to realize that our best is enough, that we are enough, that we are wonder mommies in our children’s eyes despite our battles and limitations. I want to encourage mothers that though we have some bad days physically and emotionally, it’s okay. We may feel defeated one day, but we will surely get back the next; that’s what makes us wonder mommies!

I dedicate my book to all moms, but most especially to moms like me who have to be “wonder mommies” to our little wonders while being chronic illness warriors! To all moms out there, I salute you! Stay strong!

originally posted at www.jennifersenne.com

Jennifer is a mother of four grown children. She resides on the island of Guam. She is a parent and family coach, a chronic illness warrior and an author.